The Animals at Night Discography

Cut to Chase Chorus and Fade (CD (Digipak) Vinyl and Digital Download) 2011

1. The Emperor’s Dirty Clothes
2. Great Escape
3. Once When I Was King
4. Tiger Stripes
5. Dead Session
6. The Bull is Back In
7. Dust to Burn
8. Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
9. Dying Slow on Sunday Morning
10. We Are Lights on the Way Out

Rain Falls on Asphalt (CD and Digital Download) 2008

1. Panicgrass and Feverfew
2. California Lightning
3. Petals Up
4. Grease the Wheels
5. Dirty Murals
6. Objects in the Mirror
7. Bruce Lee at Hi Speed
8. Write Out Out
9. Holiday in Hi-Fi
10. Sundowner

The Northwest Remixed
(Free CD) 2008

1. The Animals at Night “Petals Up” (Original Mix)
2. Velella Velella “The Hunter” (the Animals at Night Remix)
3. Transmissionary Six “Deprogram You” (the Animals at Night Remix)
4. Head Like a Kite “Words of a Friend” (the Animals at Night Remix)
5. Daniel G. Harmann “Beer From a Bottle” (the Animals at Night Remix)
6. The Animals at Night “Petals Up” (NRDLNGR Remix)
7. Kristin Hersh “Slippershell” (the Animals at Night Remix)
8. Zera Marvel “Honeymoon” (the Animals at Night Remix)
9. Elba “Interlude” (the Animals at Night Remix)
10. The Animals at Night “Fox in the Henhouse” (Original Mix)

The Animals at Night (CD and Digital Download) 2007

1. Fox in the Henhouse
2. Blue Skies Open Wide
3. Crystal Collidascope
4. Objects in the Mirror
5. Jaguar
6. Panicgrass and Feverfew
7. New Nova
8. Takeover Target
9. Holiday in Hi-Fi
10. Sundowner


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