Recovery Room Gear List

Mac based recording using Pro Tools 7.3, capable of 30 plus tracks at 24bit, 96kHz using a Soundcraft Ghost analog console and Digidesign 002 interface. Tascam 38 1/2” 8 track for tracking, mixing, or creative analog sculpting.


Soundcraft Ghost LE 32 channel analog mixer (excellent late 90’s model in great condition)

Mic Preamps / Dynamics / Effects:

Universal Audio M610 preamp (X3)

Universal Audio LA 610 preamp / compressor

Focusrite Octopre 8 channel preamp

Drawmer Dual Auto Compressor / Gate (2 channels)

1961 Tel Ray oil can reverb / echo

Roland Space Echo RE 201

Sherman Filterbank V1

Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter

Moogerfooger Freqbox

Electro-harmonix Memory Man

Hand-made spring reverb, delays, distortions and many more

Behringer Virtualizer Pro multi-effects rack unit


Neumann TLM 103 condenser

Silvia Classics SC-5C ribbon

Rode NT4 stereo condenser

Senheiser 421 (x2)

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 58

Shure 57 (x3)

ElectroVoice 664 vintage dynamic


Yamaha HS80M


1911 Stuyvesant upright piano (serviced and tuned March 2006)

Rhodes Mark II 88 key electric piano

Moog ‘Lil Phatty with USB over MIDI

Crumar Spirit (analog mono synth, made by Moog, rare prototype of only 100 in existence- serviced by Condor in 2006)

Roland Juno 60 (analog poly, pre-midi, wood sides)

Korg Monotron (Korg MS-20 filter)

Stylophone Keyboard Circa early 1970’s

Casio SK1 primitive sampling synth – one of my faves

Vintage Omnichord (They call them Q-Chords now)

Vintage Roland TR-606 drumatix “computer controlled” drum machine

Arturia “the Player” controller, Novation Remote controller, and hand-made USB controller for use with our keyboard workstation including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason 4, Arturia Analog Experience, and much more…

Roland SPD sampling pads

Tons of old cheap keyboards for interesting sounds…


Fender Jaguar (2004 1962 re-issue, made in U.S.A.)

Fender Telecaster (1997, made in U.S.A.)

Gibson ES135 hollowbody (1998)

De’Armond Starfire hollowbody (2001)

Fender Jazz Bass (2003, made in U.S.A.)

Danelectro Bass (good late 90’s re-issue)

Gibson J45 Acoustic (2006)

Gibson L200 Acoustic (2006)

Gibson C-1 Acoustic (1957, Kalamazoo U.S.A., All original)

Epiphone J200 Acoustic (2004)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard (1995)

Morrell Lap Steel (2005, Made in U.S.A.)

Gibson Lap Steel (1947)

Rickenbacher Lap Steel “Panda” with original horseshoe pickup (1946 – Yes, Rickenbacher, before they changed the spelling in 1949)


Fender Deluxe Reverb 1×12″ (22 wats, 1965 blackface re-issue)

1968 Ampeg SB12 1×12″ Portaflex flip-top bass amp

1965 Airline 1×12″ guitar combo, all original, serviced and re-tubed in 2003 by Condor, re-coned in 2005

Vox AC15 1 x 12″ combo

Fender Champ (1974)

Ampeg SVT bass head with 4×10 cab


Gretsch 6 piece maple Catalina: 22” kick

Many snares, including a 14” Keplinger Snare, many cymbals…


upright acoustic bass, cello, mandolin, bells, whistles, random percussion stuff. Sugar, spice, everything nice.


One thought on “Recovery Room Gear List

  1. Just was wondering are you the guy that does the video on youtube. On the how to for Motu Digital performer. If so i need your help on a setup using DP and a summing bus

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