“Dust to Burn” Vintage Overdrive | Distortion

1970’s style, thick, warm overdrive. Tubey and round-sounding highs, with meaty low-end.

The Dust to Burn pedal is point-to-point hand wired, with no printed circuit board. True bypass switching, chrome plated LED. lead-free solder, and U.S.A. parts whenever possible. It operates on a standard Boss style 9vdc power supply, but is shipped with a high quality shielded version of the power supply, for lower noise / interference. It includes a full-lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
Take a listen:



2 thoughts on ““Dust to Burn” Vintage Overdrive | Distortion

  1. Hello,

    I have one quick question about the price of DTB pedal?
    Does $139 include the shipping expense?
    At Jet city, it costs $129 + shipping cost.
    At your ebay store, it is $129 + $35 shipping to Bangkok, Thailand.

    Best regards,

    Wutti Asavaroot

    • hi wutti- $139 here does cover the cost of shipping. so, it’s about the same price if you order it here or jet city. that cost is u.s.– ebay automatically calculates shipping based on the dimensions and shipping service. if they say $35, that’s probably close to what it will be if ordering from here or jet city as well. thanks for checking it out!!

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