The Animals at Night, Friday, August 6th at Chop Suey

The Animals at Night take a break from working on our new record and recording studio to play Chop Suey on Friday, August 6th. We’ll bring a live set of new material from the upcoming record and plenty of stuff everyone knows from “Cut to Chase Chorus and Fade”. Josh has been working on a new light show for us controlled via MIDI / Ableton Live, so expect some ultra-cool visuals. I, myself cannot wait to see it.

This is a record release for The Quit’s extraordinary new album, “Stars Invisible by Day”, produced and recorded by myself. Stylistically, the Quit remind me of the Doves meets Spoon with Hal Blaine playing drums. The songwriting of Scott Shoemaker and Nash McBride makes their new record remarkable, and their excellent live show makes them Seattle’s second best live band, next to the Animals at Night.

Mal De Mar (ex- Divorce / Lila / Slender Means), another local favorite of mine, opens up the show.

Tickets available here.


2 thoughts on “The Animals at Night, Friday, August 6th at Chop Suey

  1. Saw this show last night and you guys rocked! Never heard of you before; ended up buying your tracks off Amazon this morning as a result. I dug the uptempo dancier approach you had at Chop Suey – The Bull is Back in especially kicked ass – keep it up guys!

    Graig, every now & again you were playing on your moog while singing … but you’re such a good frontman I feel like you should just get a 4th guy up there to do that, leaving you free to, uh, “front” (in the best possible way). what i’m trying to say is your stage presence is great, especially when your attention is undivided on the crowd.

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